Rapid Prototyping

Making Ideas Real to Quickly Get Customer Feedback

Quavant's Rapid Prototyping utilizes a variety of off-the-shelf components and rapid development capabilities to assemble and make real new digital service. A prototype can include numerous elements ranging from a mobile app, backend network & cloud services, content management or hardware appliances. Regardless of the exact makeup of the prototype or the components utilized the key goal is to put a functional version of a new digital service in front of customers and get their feedback.

At the heart of Quavant's innovative approach is the concept of Fail Fast and Cheap, while the concept of failure maybe unnerving to some. A key point to innovation is the recognition that failures will occur and instead of pretending they don't occur, actively mitigate the risk of failure by limiting the impact of failure.

Fail Fast & Cheap is all about identifying the factors that contribute to a failure at the earliest possible stage of a develop effort, correct them and move forward. Quavant's rapid prototyping methods and labs are designed to quickly make ideas real so they can be put in-front of customers and fundemental issues corrected.