Both Halves of the Innovative Brain

Successful innovation requires two types of simultaneous thinking, customer/product-centric thinking and technology-centric thinking.  The customer/product centric thinking focuses on the problem set, understanding the true underlying problem or need the customer has.  While the technology side represents the solution to that problem. 

Creating innovative products require both types of thinking, when one or the other is missing the resulting ideas are based on a set of false assumptions.  When only armed with an understanding of the customer problem the resulting proposed solutions are often unrealistic, too simplistic or beyond the realm of the available technology.  When armed only with the technical side all to often the wrong problem is solved for.  As a result in either case the resulting product fails in the marketplace because it doesn't offer them a better solution or the solution it offers is of no interest.

Quavant arms our clients with both types of thinking to ensure both the problem set of the customer and the solution set of the technology align and that the resulting product truly is something innovative and of value to customers.

How We Do It