Systematic and Repeatable Innovation

All to often there is a perception that innovation comes from a rare moment when the stars align and someone has a eureka moment that ideas spring to their conscious ness and the awake with the next great idea.   Maybe that does occur but that model is not very sustainable and likely not repeatable.  We offer a different approach, one based in systematic methods and techniques that work to understand customers and to peel back the vail of upon the problems customers are looking to solve. 

We call it the difference between syndipiy vs. systematic innovation.  There have been many company's who had a great idea and developed a successful product. Only to crash and burn when they attempted to repeat their success and instead developed and launched a series of dude products.  The fundemental issues being they didn't really understand why they were successful to begin with, they just got lucky.  The lacked the instight to understand their customer and why their solution was actually successful. 

Quavnan't approach is instead of syidpty leading to a great idea, we focus more on systematic and repeatable methods to drive innovation for our clients. 

How We Do It