Landscape Analysis

A Wide Angle View on Markets & Technology

Landscape Analysis takes a wide angle view of the Something in Mind idea to understand the broader environment that are driving customers, markets and technologies and how these impact the idea.  Key elements include the current end-user customer experiences and definition of the fundamental human need customers are seeking to solve, known as the Job-To-Be-Done. All too often innovation efforts lack this clarity of focus, only to later discover they innovated for the wrong need or a non-existent one. Key elements include:

  • True need customers seek to fulfill
  • How customers get jobs done currently
  • Desired & undesired outcomes of current solutions
  • Customer adaptive behavior & frustrations
  • Macro forces at work upon customers & current solutions
  • Key problems facing customer
  • Technology options

Additionally relevant business models, key industry dynamics, stakeholders and trends along with emerging technologies are examined. The intent is to develop a clear 360 degree view of the factors as a basis for developing a digital service capable of resolving that which is currently ineffective.